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Natural cosmetics with Sardinian Helichrysum Extract


The decongestant, softening, calming and photoprotective properties of Helichrysum in a line of natural body cosmetics, with innovative and effective formulations, ideals for every kind of skin.


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Body cream with Helichrysum

Khrysós – Rehydrating Super Nourishing Body Cream

Deep moisturizing daily treatment

The body cream with Helichrysum Extract of Sardinia is characterised by a rich and pleasantly enveloping texture Ensures a rapid absorption without leaving any signs of oiliness. It gives the skin tone, vitality, and softness for the whole day. The delicate fragrance makes this cream unique and enchanting.

Enriched with:
Cornflower Water
Actives able to enhance the natural moisturizing factor (nmf):
Helichrysum Extract
Avocado Oil
Shea Butter
Mimosa, Jojoba and Sunflower Waxes

Available formats: 200 ml

Hand cream with Helichrysum

Khrysós – Hand Cream

Daily restoring and moisturizing treatment

Formulated to soothe dry and chapped hands, delivers a smooth and silky aspect to the skin.The presence of dermo compatible lipids and hydrating actives maintain an excellent condition of the skin hydro-lipid barrier. Gentle fragrance and rapid absorption make its daily use pleasant.

Enriched with:
Helichrysum Extract
Sweet Almonds Oil
Olive Oil Unsaponifiable
Wheat Protein Hydrolysate
Sweet Almonds Protein Hydrolysate

Available format: 50 ml

Elasticizing Body Emulsion with Helichrysum

Khrysos – Elasticizing Body Emulsion

Intensive Treatment against the loss of cutaneous firmness

With Sardinian Helichrysum Extract, the elasticizing emulsion which helps you to maintain and improve cutaneous elasticity ensuring its optimal capability of extension.
A velvety texture fast-absorbing emulsion, thanks to its actives it helps to keep and improve the natural skin elasticity, providing skin tissue firmness and hydration, thus increasing skin resistance and preventing stretch marks and wrinkles from forming.
Recommended for women from the third month of pregnancy until post-partum, during diets, throughout the most critical growth and development stages, and during intense physical activities, where the skin is particularly subject to hyper distension due to the increment of the muscle mass. Regular use of the emulsion confers a visible skin firmness and elasticity. Its gentle scent makes the use extremely enjoyable.

Enriched with:
Manilkara Extract
Helichrysum Extract
Aloe Juice
Shea Butter
Wheat Germ Oil

Available formats: 150 ml – 100 ml

Delicate Shower Gel with Helichrysum

Khrysós – Delicate Shower gel

Daily treatment for every kind of skin

Gentle shower gel with Sardinian Helichrysum Extract, perfect for a daily body cleaning, formulated at physiological pH.
It is suitable for the whole family because it combines a gentle but effective cleansing with a pleasant feeling of skin softness.
Its delicate floral fragrance gives to the body a sensation of pleasure and scented wellness.

Enriched with:
Aloe Juice
Helichrysum Extract
Coconut Sugars

Available format: 200 ml

Delicate Shampoo with Helichrysum

Khrysòs – Delicate Shampoo

Moisturizing and anti-pollution treatment

Gentle Shampoo formulated to make the hair strong, brilliant and soft. Ideal for dry hair which needs softness and moisturizing. Its natural cleansing base makes this shampoo suitable for the whole family and daily use. The pleasant floral fragrance gives to the hair a sensation of pleasure and scented wellness.

Enriched with:
Aloe Juice
Moringa Oleifera Extract

Available formats: 200 ml – 100 ml